What ages can attend?

The Purity Ball QC is primarily designed for teen girls.  We are also encouraging college-aged girls to participate.  12-year-olds are welcome based on parental discretion regarding content.  Younger than 12 years old is not recommended.

What is the appropriate attire?

Suits and sport coats are recommended for the fathers.  Most of the girls will be wearing long dresses.  An appropriate dress of shorter length would be acceptable.  This is a formal event.

What is the agenda for the evening?

We will have an evening full of events that will include:

  • Father/daughter photographs
  • Dinner and Dessert
  • Keynote speaker:  Molly Sanborn
  • Purity Ceremony and  an exchange of gifts
  • Father/daughter dancing

What if I don’t have a father?

For those girls who don’t have a father, we ask that a male mentor escort her instead.  An uncle, close family friend, grandfather, pastor, youth pastor, or anyone else who can serve as a godly male role model would be a great choice for a mentor.

What impact can it have?

Daughters will remain pure until marriage with the help of Christ.  Fathers are encouraged to make a sincere effort to maintain and grow their relationship with their daughter.  Daughters with involved fathers have better self-esteem than those whose fathers are uninvolved.  Family relationships are improved.  Both the father and the daughter will realize the importance of Christ in their lives.

Where did the Purity Ball originate?

The Purity Ball was first envisioned and created by a couple from Colorado, Randy and Lisa Wilson, Generations of Light.  After studying Hebrew traditions, they saw that the protection of a daughter’s purity rested on the shoulders of the fathers.  This encouraged them to steward the beauty of purity and cast a vision for their five daughters, of God’s heart for their teen years as young ladies.  They saw that when a father’s heart is engaged with his daughter, it provides a healthy, safe environment for her.  A daughter’s relationship with her father will be the single greatest influence on her future.  Research shows that the mot important man in a daughter’s life is her father.